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4-ways to program

VEX IQ can be programmed in a number of different ways meaning that there is a software solution to suit everybody.

VEXcode – a coding environment developed by VEX for VEX

VEXcode is a way to program VEX V5 and VEX IQ that meets students at their level. Developed by VEX for VEX, the intuitive layout of VEXcode allows students to get started quickly and easily. There are two distinct environments for VEXcode: Blocks and Text, and they are consistent for VEX IQ and VEX V5. As students progress from Key Stage 2 to 4 and from VEX IQ to VEX EDR, they never have to learn a different blocks, code, or toolbar interface. As a result, students can focus on creating with technology, not trying to navigate a new layout.

Vex Code
Vex Code Blocks

VEXcode Blocks

VEXcode Blocks is the perfect platform for those new to coding. Students use the simple drag and drop interface to create functioning programs. Each block's purpose can easily be identified using the visual cues like its shape, colour and label. VEXcode Blocks has been designed to allow those who are new to robotics to get their robot up and running faster. Now, students can focus on being creative and learning computer science concepts, not stuck trying to figure out the interface.

VEXcode Text

VEXcode Text provides students with an authentic programming experience. Students will use the same tools and programming languages that professionals use every day, developing their coding skills, acquiring workforce readiness, and enhancing their identity as a programmer. VEXcode includes built-in tutorials and an extensive help resource, making Drivetrain commands and setup configuration easier and quicker than ever.

Vex Code Text


SnapCAD is a FREE tool for building CAD models of your VEX IQ Robots. Try ideas out quickly and easily with the intuitive piece of software - simply drag and drop the parts in to place. No previous CAD experience is necessary.

SnapCAD will produce a bill of materials from your drawing so when it comes to making the model for real, you know exactly what parts you need.


ROBOTC is a programming language for VEX IQ in both the classroom and for competitions. The software is a C-based programming language which has both a drag and drop graphical interface as well as standard text coding.

ROBOTC is supported by a comprehensive help file, loads of example programs and free curriculum and learning materials.

  • Easy progression - start with the graphical interface and progress to text based coding
  • Programming skills learned in ROBOTC can be easily transferred to other languages
  • Compatible with both VEX IQ and the VEX Cortex systems
  • Available in single, 6-user and 30-user perpetual licence packs as well as annual site licences

Robot Virtual Worlds

No robot? No problem!

Robot Virtual Worlds allows you to program VEX IQ and VEX Cortex robots in a virtual environment using the same ROBOTC 4.0 language that you use on your physical robots.

  • Make your hardware go further - whilst some of the class is working on physical robots, others can be mastering new programming skills in the virtual world
  • Learn to code by completing challenges using the built-in curriculum companion
  • Practice for the VEX IQ Challenge games by using the free add-on packs
  • Built-in challenges engage students and help to further their programming knowledge
  • Available in single, 6-user and 30-user perpetual licence packs as well as annual site licences
Robot Virtual Worlds

Modkit for VEX IQ

Modkit for VEX IQ is a piece of graphical software which will be very familiar to users of Scratch or similar programming languages. It makes it easy for beginners to understand how a program is structured and helps to get students to think computationally.

The Modkit software allows you to program the Robot Brain to respond to inputs from the sensors, control motors and to use the Joystick remote control. Modkit runs in your browser so your students can use it at home as well as at school.

Can be used for FREE online in your browser window. Offline site licences are also available to purchase.

Please note - Modkit requires Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and is not compatible with Internet Explorer.


RobotMesh is a FREE online programming language which can be used with VEX IQ and VEX Cortex. Users can create programs using Python or the graphical Blockly interface. When using Blockly, you have the option to see the equivalent Python code being created.