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Build Blitz

VEX IQ Build Blitz

The aim

The VEX IQ Build Blitz started out as a challenge between Paul McKnight and Chris Calver who decided to each build a robot for the 2015/16 VEX IQ Bank Shot season. The idea was for the "experts" to provide a bit of light entertainment in the break at UK National Championships by seeing how their robots faired against the scores of the students taking part. However, Chris and Paul are known for having these ideas and not having the time (or sometimes ability!) to follow them through....and so VEX IQ Build Blitz was born.

It was decided that Paul and Chris were both allowed to recruit another person from the VEX Community to assist with the build. The teams would then assemble at a single location and would be given 6 hours to design and build their robots from the ground up.

We will be documenting the progress and using the experience to generate some discussion for the UK VEX IQ community around robot design and build.

The Build Blitz will take place early in the season so that VEX IQ teams can use it for some inspiration (or perhaps show students how not to do it!) for their own robot builds.

Will the robots be VEX IQ Challenge legal?

Yes, the idea is to build fully legal VEX IQ Challenge Robots using standard VEX IQ parts.

Will you be programming the robots?

Yes and no – by the end of the 6 hours, we aim to have fully functioning robots that operate in driver control mode for the Robot Skills part of the challenge. This will require a certain amount of programming. However, we won't be creating autonomous programs for Programming Skills in the 6 hours although we will have these done when we demonstrate the robots at the UK National Championships in March.

We will be posting a number of articles on this page regarding programming, again to help inspire teams for their own designs.

When will the Build Blitz take place?

Friday 28th August 2015

How can I follow the Build Blitz?

The best way to follow it on the day is on Twitter - @Chris_Calver and @Chewmacca1 will be Tweeting throughout the day using the hashtags #BuildBlitzUK, #TeamC2 and #TeamPMK

We'll be taking plenty of photos and videos throughout the build and these, along with plenty of discussion about building Bank Shot robots will all be available right here a couple of days after the build.

The Teams

Team PMK

Team PMK

Paul McKnight, Head of Operations at VEX Robotics is joined by Liam Grazier. Liam has competed in 3 seasons of the VEX Robotics Competition as a student at Bromsgrove School and went on to form Team 5119Z, The E-Lemonators representing the UK at the VEX Robotics World Championships. Liam is now a student at Plymouth University studying Robotics and Mechatronics and volunteers at VEX Events in the UK. Liam was responsible for the heaviest Engineering Notebook in competition history which weighed in at nearly 5kg! Let’s just say Liam has an eye for detail...

Team C2

Team C2

Chris Calver, Education Manager at Rapid is joined by Daniel Rowe. Dan has been ever-present on the UK VEX scene as part of the highly successful 3116 Team Control Freaks from John Warner School. Dan has represented the UK at the VEX Robotics World Championships and can easily identified by the safety glasses that are a permanent feature at VEX Competitions (in compliance with rule ) and headphones providing a dose of AC/DC.