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VEX Robotics Competition - Change Up
Change Up

Change Up

Change Up is played on a 12’ x 12’ square field configured as shown. Two Alliances - one "red" and one "blue" - composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a 15-second Autonomous Period, followed by a one minute and forty-five second Driver Controlled Period.

The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by placing balls in goals and connecting rows.

There are thirty-two Balls on a VRC Change Up Field – 16 red and 16 blue. There are also nine goals placed around the field.

For rules and the full game manual, click here.

Experts view - Chris Calver of VEX Robotics and Competition referee gives his opinion on the 2020/21 game

Tower Takeover was the first full season of teams using the V5 hardware and also the first season of single match (best of one or BO1) eliminations. Robot build quality and use of coding reached a new high in the UK and many incredible matches took place over the course of the season.

Change Up has a lot in common with Tower Takeover – the field is divided by the Autonomous Line which can’t be crossed during the Autonomous Period meaning teams can focus on more excellent Autonomous routines. Autonomous is more important than ever too, because not only can you win APs (Autonomous Points) but you can also gain an extra WP (Win Point) which could be even more valuable. To get this, alliances need to complete the “Home Row” which is the row of three goals directly in front of the alliance station. Teamwork is going to be key.

Change Up is robot Noughts and Crosses – connect a row of three goals with balls of your alliance colour to get the points for that row. Each goal can take three balls, and it is the highest ball in the goal that determines what colour it is. That means teams will need to cycle the balls round to make sure their colour is on the top. But be careful, you can only possess three balls of your opponent’s colour at any one time so keep an eye on what is possessed by your robot before attempting to descore.

Once again, there are no expansion limits meaning robots must start within the 18” cube volume but can expand to any size once the match starts. Will anyone attempt defensive strategies such as wall bots?

Good luck for the season ahead.

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