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Testo - We measure it

Testo test and measurement equipment

Founded in 1957, Testo has established itself as one of Europe’s leading names in test and measurement equipment, particularly within the fields of thermometry, air speed, gas and humidity measurement. As a key supplier to the Facility Management and Industrial Maintenance sectors, the company has consistently developed innovative new products, such as one of the first digital fast response thermometers and a combined multifunctional measuring instrument and printer.

Testo test equipment ensures precise identification and measurement of a wide range of environmental conditions. From Wi-Fi thermal imaging cameras with multi-display options to temperature probes and digital vacuum gauges, Rapid offer Testo products across the entire range of its diverse portfolio, catering for applications within the following industries:

  • HVAC installation and maintenance
  • Building maintenance, surveying and energy management
  • Heating installation and maintenance
  • Electrical inspections and engineering
  • Food manufacturing, production, transport and storage
  • Energy and utilities
  • Refrigeration installation and maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical storage, monitoring and transport

Testo’s most popular product areas include thermometers, hygrometers and probes for measuring air humidity and temperature through a range of methods, from immersion/penetration to air sensing. Testo has also recently moved into the exciting sector of thermal imaging, developing a range of thermal imaging cameras for use by buildings or electrical engineers. Smart technology associated with these products offers engineers access to access to a wealth of extra diagnostic and reporting features. 

Testo Products