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R-TECH Datasheets

As part of the launch of R-TECH, we have made high quality data a key part of the project, so that customers have access to the most accurate technical and compliance information about a product before they buy - giving customers the confidence to integrate R-TECH products into their designs.

Datasheets for all the products that feature within the brand have been thoroughly updated and redesigned.

With R-TECH we are not only offering quality products at an attractive price point, delivering clear commercial benefits for our customers, but providing support throughout the procurement and manufacturing process.

You will notice the following significant changes in R-TECH datasheets:

Consistent design
Detailed information
Greater technical & compliance data
Easy to follow

NEW R-TECH Datasheet

NEW R-TECH Datasheet
NEW R-TECH Datasheet page 2
NEW R-TECH Datasheet page 3

OLD Datasheet

Old Rapid Datasheet

Brand promise

Tried & Trusted

R-TECH is the evolution of Rapid’s own brand product range with a proven industrial heritage.


For R-TECH, quality is the standard as well as the expectation.


R-TECH delivers quality solutions at an affordable price, across a broad range of industrial products.

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