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How to Apply your Adhesive

How to Apply your Adhesive

Applying your Loctite adhesive correctly is vital to achieving an effective bond or seal. Check you are doing things right below.


Loctite Threadlocking

Through hole

  • Assemble bolt first, then apply threadlocker

Blind hole

  • Apply onto lower third of bolt
  • Add a few drops into the blind hole
  • Get even threadlocker distribution when assembly is screwed together

Post assembly

  • Assemble nut and bolt and dispense product at the edge of nut and bolt

If several bolts are being tightened, torque them down to the correct value within the fixture time of the product or use a slow curing product

Thread Sealants

Loctite Thread Sealant
  • Apply a 360° bead to the leading male thread, leaving the first thread free
  • For bigger threads, apply both on male and female threads
  • If using Loctite 55, wind the cord onto the pipe thread in the same direction as the thread, starting from the end of the pipe. For optimised performance, apply in a criss-cross pattern


Loctite Gasketing
  • Apply as a continuous closed bead onto one flange surface. Place the bead close to the inner rim of the flange and encircle all holes. Small scratches can be filled by the adhesive
  • Loctite 510 and Loctite 518 can also be applied by roller onto large flanges
  • Assemble flanges and tighten bolts immediately


Loctite Retaining

For slip fitted assemblies

  • Apply adhesive around the leading edge of the male component and inside the female component. Use rotating motion during assembly to ensure good coverage
  • Recommended products: Loctite 603, 638, 660

For press fitted assemblies

  • Apply adhesive thoroughly to both bond surfaces. Assemble at high press on rates.
  • Recommended products: Loctite 603

For shrink-fitted assemblies

  • Apply adhesive onto the shaft, heat the collar to create sufficient clearance for free assembly

Instant Adhesives

Loctite Instant Adhesives
  • Apply adhesive by drop or bead to one of the bond surfaces (not to surfaces on which activator has been applied)
  • Assemble the parts immediately. Bond should be held or clamped until the adhesive has fixtured

Structural Bonding

Loctite Structural Bonding

Acrylics & Epoxies

  • Before mounting the static mixer onto the cartridge, push out a small amount of product to equalise pistons
  • Mount static mixer and push some product out until a uniform colour is achieved
  • Directly after mixing, apply an even coverage of adhesive to the bonding area
  • After use, leave the static mixer in place and use it as a cap
  • Joint should be allowed to develop full strength before being subjected to any service loads

Metal-filled Compounds

Loctite Metal-filled Compound

For applying Loctite 3471 & 3475

  • Apply adhesive to the working area with the spatula provided
  • Prevent the repaired parts from moving during cure
  • Full cure achieved at room temperature after 72 hours

For more guidance on using Loctite adhesive, try our technical support team

Technical Support Team