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Equipment, Systems & Solutions

Equipment, Systems & Solutions

Loctite's equipment solutions for automated dispensing

At a certain scale, dispensing adhesive has to be integrated within fully automated factory procedures. This results in improved process efficiencies, minimal material waste and reduced manufacturing costs.

Loctite has developed a comprehensive range of industrial equipment solutions, from UV curing equipment and volumetric dispensing to dispense reservoirs and robotic systems.

If you are interested in finding out more about these products, view the brochure below or email us with your enquiry.

Controllers, Reservoirs & Dispense Valves

Dual Channel Integrated

Loctite’s dispensing units include controllers and reservoirs combined into single units, with digital timing control for up to two automatic dispense valves. The integrated dispense reservoirs are suitable for all single component Loctite adhesives up to 80,000 cPs. Multi-function controllers featuring digital timing and programmable logic control for up to three independent pneumatic or electric functions, allowing for storage of up to ten programs. Single function controllers provides control for the manual and timed opening and closing of dispense valves.

Volumetric Dispensing Systems

Volumetric dispensing systems

Volumetric dispensing systems control the dispensing of adhesive by cartridge, syringe and bottle. Posi-Link Actuators effect incremental movements of a piston and displace programmable quantities of adhesive. The volumetric dispensing systems also include a peristaltic dispenser for applications that require a specific flow rate, as well as single and dual rotor volumetric displacement devices for precise applications from product reservoirs. The single and dual rotor equipment can apply Loctite products such as 2-part MMAs, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, anaerobics and acrylates with a high precision level.

Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems

From benchtop to gantry operation, Loctite offers a range of solutions to allow manufacturers to reliably dispense patterns of liquid material on a programmed basis. Benchtop robots are designed specifically for precision dispensing of adhesive and sealants onto complex surface configurations. Gantry robots include a custom gantry design configuration that make them ideal for integrating with automatic transfer lines and conveyors. The SCARA robot provides maximum flexibility for complex dispensing applications, with a multi-jointed arm that moves above the work surface.  The Rotary Dispensing system is designed to control a syringe system, cartridge or dispense valve for dispensing adhesive in a circular pattern.

Light Curing Systems

Light curing systems

Specifically designed for UV adhesive, Loctite’s UV curing equipment includes spot wand units, flood units, chambers, conveyors and light meters designed for use in a wide variety of bonding, potting, tacking and sealing applications. Single and quad spot controllers can be operated in continuous or programmed light output modes; flood light units are available in bench top and hand held models; chamber and conveyor units operate by mounting the adhesive assembly into enclosed areas and conveyor belts; while light meters detect major malfunctions as they occur in the dispensing process. 

View Loctite’s brochure for more information about any of these products.

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