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Quality that cannot be measured

Fluke is the world's most trusted name for high quality electronic test equipment. Their vast product range reflects the demands now made across all industry sectors for tools that measure to high levels of accuracy electrical, chemical and atmospheric data. Electricians, engineers, technicians, meteorologists and building maintenance staff are just some of the professionals who use Fluke meters for analysis, troubleshooting, repair and day-to-day servicing.

Fluke equipment puts powerful diagnostic capabilities in your hands, and takes testing, troubleshooting and predictive maintenance to the next level. They are the ultimate handheld tool for any difficult application. Fluke designs to the latest, most demanding safety standards, putting all products through a rigorous testing and evaluation programme.

Rapid stock a huge range of Fluke bestsellers – including digital multimeters, clamp meters, current, voltage and continuity testers, thermometers, oscilloscopes and socket testers – as well as test leads, test probes, connectors, cases and other accessories. With the highest standards of shock resistance, ergonomic design and user-friendly functionality, Fluke products perform as well as they look, even in the harshest conditions.

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