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When it comes to scientific resources, you want your students to be using items from a manufacturer you can trust. To really achieve in science you need a mix of all the right functional elements – the beakers, the tripods, the tubes, the scientific cutlery, as it were – with the ‘big ideas’, the key apparatus that demonstrate the guiding laws of science. Eisco provide all the tools a student would need to understand and explore areas such as electrostatics, friction and anatomy.

Eisco’s range of products include high quality scientific apparatus, lab equipment, glassware and protective clothing to cater for all the demands of the modern curriculum.


Whether you are studying forces and motion or Schrödinger’s wave equation, Eisco have the apparatus and experiments you need to completely immerse yourself in those subjects. From Van de Graaff generators to pin hole cameras and tuning forks, our range of Eisco physics products are as well made as they are affordable.


The human body is a miraculous thing. From the intricate detail of the skin’s layers to the different organs of the digestive system, Eisco's hand painted anatomy models reveal it in all its glory. They are very effective tools and help to make biology exciting, fascinating and fun for students.

Chemistry & Lab Supplies

It takes a lot of hardware to study science. This includes beakers, burners, tongs, dishes and anything made of glass, plastic, metal, ceramic or cork. All of the equipment and supplies necessary to safely outfit a Chemistry classroom or laboratory are available from Rapid’s range of Eisco lab equipment.