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Comus switches, sensors and magnets

Comus is a leading global manufacturer of reed switches, proximity switches, tilt and tip switches and vibration sensors – electronic components which are all widely used in electrical circuits.

Reed switches are commonly used in systems where low current is available and operate by virtue of a magnetic field. The contacts of a reed switch are made of metal which are enclosed in a glass tube envelope and separated when the switch is open. You will find reed switches like those made by Comus in devices such as burglar and security alarms, where the reed switch is activated by the movement of the door. Reed switches were also traditionally used extensively in computer keyboards, or other applications where a low current is required and the contacts of the switch needs to be protected from the environment.

Proximity switches employ a reed switch in their assembly, and are designed to be triggered by movement in their immediate vicinity or 'target'. Proximity switches emit an electromagnetic field and are programmed to detect changes in that field using proximity sensors. The types of target will dictate the kind of sensor.Comus sensors can also detect liquids, temperature changes and other environmental inputs.

Comus reed switches and proximity reed switches available at Rapid include low profile surface mount switches and encapsulated reed switches, which are housed in ABS to provide protection from dust and moisture and makes the components suitable for PCB mounting. Rapid's range of Comus components also includes proximity switches in a range of materials and finishes, from brass to aluminium, dry contact rhodium reed switches, non mercury shock/movement sensors and liquid sensors. Please contact us for your Comus reed switch and proximity switch requirements.

Comus Vibration Sensors