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Connectors range

X Series range of heavy duty electrical enclosures

The X-series offers unbeatable protection against every knock, bump and scrape. The X8, X7 and X6 series are now CamdenBoss' most robust electrical enclosures with IK09 impact resistance rating. Together with IP66/67 class sealing, the X-series is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as control panels, junction boxes and distribution boards.

Each series is available in either polycarbonate or ABS. Polycarbonate is UV-light resistant, when exposed to the sun, the enclosure is less likely to appear faded and worn over time. ABS is a cost effective option for indoor use without compromising on quality. Both polycarbonate andABS have identical quality ratings.

Use our long term stock agreements to reduce the costs further and ensure stock.

X6 Series

X6 Series - Electrical knockout enclosure

X6 series range of electrical enclosures provides a number of metric sized knockouts for cable entry, making it ideal for junction boxes in industrial settings with IoT applications. Clear lid and solid top options are available in both polycarbonate and ABS with UL94-V0 ratings and IP66/67 ingress protection. This heavy-duty enclosure safeguards your electronics in a number of industry sectors.

X7 Series

X7 Series - Electrical heavy duty enclosure

X7 series range of electrical enclosures offers a vast amount of protection for your electronic devices through strengthened corner pillars, IP66/67 rating and IK08 impact resistance. The X7 housing is perfect for those IoT and equipment applications where robust protection is a must. Available in either polycarbonate or ABS rated at UL94-V0, the electronic enclosure has either a solid lid or clear lid option.

X8 Series

X8 Series - Electrical hinged lid enclosure

The heavy duty protection and hinged door opens up a vast variety of IoT, IoT and industry 4.0 applications for the X series. Having the door on a hinge transforms a standard enclosure into something more, allowing the housing to be used as an electrical distribution product, utilising the DIN rail capabilities. Available in either ABS or polycarbonate, with a solid or transparent lid.

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