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When has something so disposable – like BiC pens, BiC stationery and ballpoint pens – become so durable?

Celebrating 60 years of trading in 2012, BiC is the world's biggest brand of ballpoint pens and one of the largest global stationery brands. Founded in 1952 by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard, BiC pens grew rapidly to become the disposable pen of choice in schools, offices, businesses and homes, valued the world over for its reliability, ink coverage and longevity. From the original Cristal® ballpoint, which was a revolution in pen design, the BiC product range now encompasses a stunning diversity of writing and drawing instruments and stationery, including crayons, markers, pencils, whiteboard markers and correction fluid; erasers, scissors, rulers, glue, office equipment and paper; even lighters and shavers!

BiC pens have become design classics. As if to confirm the affection people have for BiC pens, they have been put to some extraordinary uses, such as a dress made from empty BiC barrels, and have been used to create some extraordinary artistic work.

Rapid stocks a select range of BiC pens and BiC markers, such as the classic Cristal® ballpoint, with its ergonomic grip, tungsten carbide ball, medium point and range of four colours. Also available are fine tip felt pens, colouring crayons, colouring pencils, whiteboard markers, office and classroom whiteboards.

Classpacks and multipacks of BiC pens and markers are available from Rapid, ensuring that you have enough supplies of BiC pens for your school or office department. Children also love BiC products for their tactile qualities and the way they introduce young fingers to the best way to hold crayons and pens. Parents will also appreciate that some BiC ranges are wood-free, ensuring there is no risk of splinters.

Mark our words, BiC are Best in Class!

BiC Cristal ballpoint pens