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Arcol Power Resistors

One of the leading names in resistor technology, Arcol resistors consistently meet the demands of high voltage power.

Rapid is one of Arcol's key UK distributors and can supply an extensive range of Arcol's carbon composition and aluminium clad resistors - products designed to be integrated into prototyping, development and assembly work in automotive, medical and lighting applications. All Arcol resistors are high performance devices with an industry-standard range of resistance values.

Among the Arcol ranges is the HS series. Clad in aluminium, these resistors are ideal for mounting directly onto heatsinks and in confined spaces offer wide power dissipation. Available in 10W and 100W versions, these wirewound products deliver maximum results across a huge range of resistances. A combination of welded construction and quality resistance alloys and control ensures exceptional reliability.

Arcol's series of carbon composition resistors provide very high pulse capability and low inductance. Available in 0.25W and 0.5W power dissipations, this is a solid axial lead carbon slug resistor offering resistance values between 2.2 and 910k. They may be small but their carbon composition ensures a powerful performance.

Arcol Resistors