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Antistat ESD Products

Antistat is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ESD safe consumables and static control supplies. The company is a centre of excellence in manufacturing consumables for electronic components, circuits and electronic devices used protected in environments where electrostatic discharge is present. ESD affects the performance of electronics and in some cases can damage electronic products, Antistat is a ISO9001 accredited manufacturer and have a comprehensive range of ESD products suited to prevent or control static electricity.

From personnel grounding, ESD tools and monitoring equipment to ESD flooring and shipping materials, Antistat are experts in Electrostatic discharge consumables and high-end technology-led packaging solutions.

At Rapid you will find a comprehensive range of Antistat ESD products for use in cleanroom and controlled environments, including carbon and polyurethane antistatic gloves, antistatic grip-seal bags, heel or wrist grounders and mats, Antistat moisture barrier bags, ESD plugs, solvent dispensers, ESD bottles, ring binders, document wallets, metering equipment, tape, labels, signs and even waste bins. These products are fully protected and shielded against ESD and are all essential items to be used within an EPA.

Varying levels of ESD protection are available with a range of Antistatic bags, including metallised static shielding bags, pink static dissipative bags (minimal ESD protection), carbon loaded polyethylene conductive black bags offering medium-level ESD protection, and moisture barrier bags that keep components protected from high humidity - an increasingly urgent consideration since the advent of unleaded solder.

Working with clients within the electronics, medical, aerospace, engineering, defence and automotive fields, Antistat have for over 30 years, been supplying some of the world's fastest moving technology companies. It is a UK-based company operating globally, in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD).