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RVFM Boyle's Law Apparatus

RVFM Boyle's Law Apparatus

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: EDU721 
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This apparatus is designed to demonstrate Boyle's Law to the whole class.

  • Wide bore glass tube mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0 to 60cm
  • Zero corresponds to the inside of the closed (top) end of the tube
  • Air is confined in the tube by a coloured oil contained in a metal pressure chamber
  • Pressure chamber is fitted with a Bourdon type gauge calibrated 0 to 3.5kg cm² (0 to 50 lb/in²) actual pressure
  • A valve is fitted to the air inlet tube from the pump
  • As the pressure in the oil chamber is increased, oil level and its actual (total) pressure are directly indicated
  • Tube is made of extra strong glass and is securely covered with transparent plastic on the front
  • Overall height of apparatus approx. 690mm
  • Suitable for Key Stages 3 & 4 (ages 11 to 16)
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Size 690mm
Type Boyles law apparatus


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15 June 2016 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 52-0640
Q. We have the Boyle's Law apparatus similar to the one shown. The PDF instructions do not show the same item. The valve on our equipment has failed. the rubber has torn. Do you supply replacements?
A. Hi Jim, thank you for your question. We do not currently offer spares for this unit currently.


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