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RVFM Bi-Metal Switch

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: P04061-A 
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This bi-metal switch is a dramatic demonstration of the thermostat principle! Consists of a bi-metal strip mounted on a base. Because of the unequal expansion of the two different metals, the bi-metal strip will bend to open or close the circuit and the light bulb lights up accordingly.

  • Ideal for the laboratory!
Material Various
Type Bi-metal switch


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13 July 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 52-2220
Q. How much current needs to flow through the switch to make it operate?
A. Hi James, thank you for your question. This is a bi-metallic switch which will operate at a particular temperature to close circuit, it does not require any current as such to operate.


Bi-metal switch

Reviewed by: Iain Sturges - 02 September 2015
I found that by clamping the base such that the strip was held horizontal, directly above (and in series with) a 12V bulb, it operated successfully, due to the heating effect of the bulb on the strip. Initially, as I assume that James Deans who submitted the question regarding the current required for its operation did, I expected the strip to heat up sufficiently due only to the current passing through it.