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Bias Resistor Transistors SOT-23

<p>An innovative design of digital transistors that can replace a single device and its associated external resistor bias network. The SOT-23 packaged device contains a single silicon transistor together with a monolithic bias network consisting of two resistors; a series base resistor and a base-emitter resistor.</p>

  • Housed in a SOT-23 package for low power SMT applications
  • Simplifies circuit design, reduces board space, component count and cost
  • Available with NPN and PNP polarities
  • Junction/storage temperature range –55°C to +150°C

VCBVCEBaseBase-emitterICPTOThFE (min.)DeviceDevice
(V)(V)resistor (kΩ)resistor (kΩ)max. (mA)(mW)@ ICNPNPNP

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