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Atmel ATmega 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

<p>A range of high performance, 8-bit FLASH-based microcontrollers featuring a wide range of peripherals. <strong>MegaAVR</strong> offers substantial program and data memory and performance approaching 1 MIPS per MHz. Shares the same AVR instruction set and memory organisation as <strong>ATtiny</strong>, allowing for easy migration. To find out more about our range of <a href="/atmel">Atmel microcontrollers</a>, please visit our <a href="/atmel">Atmel </a>brand page.</p>
  • 130 Powerful instructions, most of which execute within a single clock cycle
  • Self-programming FLASH memory with boot block
  • High accuracy 10-bit ADC and up to x200 analogue gain stage options
  • UART/USMART and SPI interfaces on all models
  • Two Wire Interface (compatible with I²C) on all models except ATmega162
  • Low power device options offer 1.8V operations, optimising battery life
  • Choice of through-hole and QFP packages
  • IEEE 1149.1 compliant JTAG interface options
Order codeDeviceClock speedVCCVCCFlashEEPROMRAMI/OPackage
max. (MHz)min.max.(KB)(Bytes)(Bytes)Pins
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30 March 2014 Question by: Keith | Product code: 73-4283
Q. What is the difference (apart from price) between the Atmega 328-PU and the Atmega 328P-PU?
A. Hi Keith. Thank you for your question. The main difference between the "P" version and the non "P" version is that the "P" version has lower power consumption.

16 June 2012 Question by: Daniel Bailey
Q. The technical specifications mention an atmega 328P-PU, the device used in an Arduino UNO. Do you sell them? (I can't seem to find it in the list of products in this range). I want to buy the raw microcontroler (Not on an Arduino and without the bootloader)
A. Thanks for your enquiry Daniel. I believe the product you are looking for is order code: 73-4283 .