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Arduino guitar pedal

The pedalSHIELD UNO is a guitar pedal that synchronises with the Arduino UNO. The pedal can be programmed in C/C++ and is designed to help guitarists learn about code, digital signal processing and guitar effects.

Whisky dispensing machine

David Cranmer's ingenious whisky dispensing machine was commissioned by Southern Comfort. The Arduino was used to generate the lights and music accompanying each serving of the New Orleans spirit.

Midi controller project

Gary Watson used an Arduino Mega2560 Board for a midi controller he built inside an original Nes Nintendo for his DJ sets. "This is a great board for what I do. It has more than plenty of inputs for
buttons, pots, leds and any other input you can throw at it."

Midi controller project

Dance Off Robot

Craig Turner used an Arduino motor shield to program his Uno-controlled robot car to perform sequential movements. The robot appears to dance in perfect time to the music.

View Craig's code here. Dance Off Robot code (214 KB)

Home Automation System

Corrado Bevilacqua used an Arduino ATMega328 as the heart of his home automation system. Corrado's system performs a variety of home security functions, including light switching, audio and visual alarm activation.

Arduino home automation project

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