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Low Cost Copper-Clad SRBP Circuit Board

Single-sided copper-clad printed circuit board made from SRBP: a paper-based material.

  • Excellent for low-cost printed circuit boards
  • Easier to drill than epoxy glass fibre
  • Results in longer life for drills and cutting tools
  • Suitable etchant ferric chloride solution

Order codeMftrs Part No.
34-0860RVFM100 x 160
34-0862RVFM100 x 220
34-0864RVFM233 x 160
34-0866RVFM233 x 220
34-0868KB-2150 GC203 x 305
Question by Ad
19 November 2014

Q Can you confirm the thickness is still 1mm?
A Hi Ad. Thank you for your question. The thickness is 1.6mm.

Question by Shay
09 October 2014

Q hi the PDF spec for the FR2 says 1.6mm thickness and 70um copper cladding, please can you confirm.
A Hi Shay. Thank you for your question. This is the correct as per the manufacturer's data sheet..

Question by S Stockley
12 November 2013

Q How thick is the copper layer? The data sheet does not include this data ad I need to know how thick to make tracks for current capacity and how deep to mill on a CNC router.
A Thanks for your enquiry. The copper layer has a 70um thickness.

Question by miss H | Product code: 34-0868
29 January 2013

Q what is the max current rating for the board?
A Hi Miss H. Thank you for your question. This can depend on the thickness and the size of the tracks on the board and also what type of board is being used.

Question by Z. Smith | Product code: 34-0868
27 November 2012

Q What is the thickness please?
A Hi Z Smith. Thank you for your question. The copper clad boards are approximately 1mm in thickness - the data sheet specifies between 0.8-1.6mm in thickness.

Question by Phil Plumb
09 October 2012

Q Are these boards suitable for routing. We have successfully routed the more expensive boards.
A Hi Phil, thanks for your question. Yes these are suitable for routing.

Question by R J Beare | Product code: 34-0860
20 January 2012

Q What is thr total thickness of this board ?
A Hi, thanks for your question. The copper clad board is approx 1mm thick