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Electrolube PRP200 Positive Photoresist 200ml


MPN : PRP200
EAN-13 : 5028356100255

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Positive Photoresist, Fast Drying, Develops Using UV or Sunlight, Fine Resolution Down to 0.1mm, Easily Processed with Alkali Developer, Resistant to Non-alkali etching Solutions, For Reproduction of Circuits, Diagrams and Images on Metals, Supplied in Aerosol of 200ml
  • Fast drying
  • Develops using UV or sunlight
  • Fine resolution down to 0.1mm
  • Easily processed with alkali developer
  • Resistant to non-alkali etching solutions
  • Supplied in 200ml aerosols

Question by Dave | Product code: 87-0726
01 April 2014

Q Can standard pcb developer be used with this product
A Hi Dave. Thank you for your question. The standard developer would be used with this positive photoresist.

Question by | Product code: 87-0726
27 January 2014

Q What is the life of PRP if left in the can and if left in the can in a fridge?
A Hi, thank you for your question. The manufacturer states that 'PRP has a shelf life of 12 months and should be stored above 4degC and below 30degC. As the lower temperature is only 4degC, storage in a fridge may not be advisable.

Fantastic results and easy to use!
Reviewed by: James Anderson
28 May 2014

I brought this photoresist after reading another review. I have found that it dries very quickly compared to others and as long as the substrate is prepared correctly the results are very good quality. I am impressed how well this product works and would definitely recommend it over other photoresists.

Reviewed by: Petr Pastor
26 July 2008

I have to say that I am more than satisfied with this product. Price is the same as positive 20 £5 per 100ml. But what is much better is the application and curing. Application is straight forward and green color against red copper is contrast which I can not say about reddish color of positiv20. Drying is fast - hair dryer circa 50°C 15 to 20 minutes and you can apply artwork on the surface. On the other hand positiv 20requires at least 30 minutes at 80­­°C And my experience is that the surface is sticky for couple of hours. Resolution of this product is as well much better than this of positiv 20. I can recommend use of PHOTO RESIST 87-0726