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Mega Electronics PCB Transfers

<p>High quality etch-resist transfers for preparing PCB layouts.</p>
  • Circuits are prepared by rubbing down the transfers onto drafting film to produce artwork for UV exposure, etc.
  • May also be applied directly on to copper-clad board
  • Sheet size 255 x 90mm
Order codeTypeDescription
34-0870V180Assorted pads
34-0872V0203Round pads 1.9 / 0.45mm, 2.1/0.45mm
34-0874V0405Round pads 2.5 / 0.45mm, 2.8/0.45mm
34-0876V3335DIL pads 34-0878 L0510 straight track 0.5/1.0mm
34-0880L1520Straight track 1.5/2.0mm
34-0878L0510Straight track 0.5/1.0mm
34-0882L200.5mm tracks & curves
34-0884L201.0mm tracks & curves
34-0886L151.5mm tracks & curves
34-0888L202.0mm tracks & curves

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