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Types of Connector & Charging

Types of Connector & Charging

There are several different ways to charge your electric vehicle. Check the input connector your car needs before ordering your charging station

EV cars have a variety of connection configurations. Your vehicle will have a specific input connection, usually a Type 1 (5 pin) or Type 2 (7 pin). A residential charging station will be fitted with a T1 or T2 port, or a T1 or T2 cable if supplied with a cable. EV drivers also have the option of buying a charging cable which outputs to a Level 3 ‘Fast’ station – a Combo or CHAdeMO type.  Check the input connector your vehicle needs before ordering your charging station.


fact 1

Most EV drivers charge overnight at home, while topping-off during the day at work and commercial locations.

fact 2

Network Connected stations put your station on a Locator so drivers can find charging on-the-go.

fact 3

Level 3 charging, also known as DC Quick and Fast Charging, can charge an all-electric vehicle in less than 20 minutes.

connection types

Max. power (single-phase)

Max. power (three-phase)

Max. current

type 1 connector

 Type 1

3 kW

22 kW

32 A

type 2 connector

 Type 2

7 kW

type 2 connector v2

Type 2

type 3 connector

Type 3

Slow/Standard charge

The most efficient and convenient way to charge your vehicle is overnight. This takes between 6-9 hours depending on the make and model of your vehicle.  7kW rated stations also offer a 3-4 hour charge. Most residential charging stations offer a standard charge function. If you do not have time for a full charge and need to make a short journey, charging a 7kW point for one hour should provide a range of around 40km.

Fast charge

11kW and 22kW stations can charge vehicles within 2-3 hours and 1-2 hours respectively. 

Rapid charge

Public charging points in short stay locations (such as supermarkets and motorway service stations) generally operate at a rated power of 43kW AC and 50kW DC. You can expect to fully charge your vehicle within 20-30 minutes.

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