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EV Charging Residential Installation

EV Charging Residential Installation

Installing EV charging stations is easier than you may think – but make sure it's done by a qualified or recommended electrician

Installing a Schneider EV charging station is not as expensive as you may think. In the UK installation of a residential wall mounted station at an off-street location will cost around £1000 – but the government provides an OLEV grant of £500 for car charging points for electric and plug-in vehicles purchased after 1 April 2015. So home users can expect to pay an average of £500 for one EV charging point.

Installation should be undertaken by a qualified electrician or recommended installer.

Residential installation

The installer performs an audit of your home’s electrical installation, which must be able to withstand the power inrush during charging. The electrical switchboard is arranged to receive the appropriate protective devices in accordance with electrical regulations. Wall-mounted EVlink charging stations are delivered in three packages for easier handling and installation.

Installing the charging point should take under an hour by a single technician, is able to be wired from the top, bottom or back and can be commissioned immediately.  The installer undertakes a complete verification procedure by using the electric vehicle simulation tool.

Residential installion diagram

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