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Serial OLED Display Kits - PICAXE

<p>A range of OLED displays and associate components that will provide important components in PICAXE systems. OLEDs are state-of-the-art components that are the future of optoelectronic displays. OLEDs typically have a much brighter display, better viewing angle and lower current consumption than conventional LCD displays and are a feature in many modern electronic devices.<br/><br/> <b>Serial OLED Kit 16 x 2 AXE133Y (13-1276)</b><br/> This budget-conscious serial OLED module, available with a 16 x 2 yellow on black alphanumeric display, allows the visual display of user instructions, sensor reading, etc. of <b>PICAXE</b> microcontroller projects. Connection is via a simple 1-wire serial interface. The included PICAXE-18M2 is fitted on to a small serial interface PCB and is pre-programmed with the open source <b>AXE133</b>/<b>AXE134</b> firmware that allows the microcontroller to act as a 'slave' serial driver for the OLED display. This allows the main project to display text on the OLED via simple 'serout' commands.<br/><br/> The control codes that are used in this kit is identical to those used in the <b>AXE033</b> module, enabling the kit to be used as an alternative to the <b>AXE033</b>. The 18M2 microcontroller can also be reprogrammed, e.g. to change the power-up welcome message. The kit is self-assembly and requires some simple soldering.<br/><br/> <b>Serial OLED/LCD Driver Kit AXE132 (13-1270)</b><br/> The <b>AXE132</b> is the same serial interface board that is supplied in the <b>AXE133Y</b> and <b>AXE134Y</b> kits. The heart of the board is the <b>PICAXE-18M2</b> microcontroller which is pre-programmed with the open source <b>AXE133</b> firmware, allowing the module to drive an OLED or LCD display.</p>
  • Industry proven PICAXE family
  • 16 x 2 or 20 x 4 OLED displays with yellow on black text
  • Simple 1-wire serial connection
  • programmable pre-defined messages
  • Kits supplied complete
For kit contents and assembly instructions see relevant datasheets.
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