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27 January 17

Watch our Help videos

Watch our Help videos

If you’re not sure how to get the best out of the website, our series of handy little video guides will help.

From building baskets to placing orders and requesting quotations, there are also lots of online tools and features that may need a bit of explanation. Stay tuned for more videos.

Please get in touch via the comments below if there are any aspects of our website or service that you would like some help with, or even to suggest a subject for a video.

View the full range of videos here


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2/24/2017 12:39 PM
My tip for pasting codes into quick paste in excel if you have a code in one column and a Qty in another... A1 A2 A3 Code Qty Formula 123456 10 =A1&","&B1 which gives you.... 123456 10 123456,10 Click on lower right handle on formula box and drag down to populate all other rows of components.
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