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Electronics News

  • 22 June 17

    Every van tells a story

    One of Rapid's biggest customers, Huntingdon-based Top Hex Ltd, have solved the problem of explaining the service that they offer. read the full story

  • 01 March 17

    Buy & Modify your Hammond enclosure

    You're thinking about buying a Hammond enclosure from Rapid. read the full story
  • 17 February 17

    LG Display OLED lighting system

    Architects, artists and product designers have used the unique characteristics of the LG Display OLED lighting system for some brilliant applications. read the full story
  • 10 February 17

    Log more confidently with Lascar

    We all know how important calibration is when buying data loggers, which is why we have introduced a new range of pre-calibrated instruments from Lascar. read the full story

  • 23 January 17

    "We want to grow with our customers"

    Six months into his role as managing director of Rapid Electronics, James Bates has already made a major impact on the electronic components distributor. read the full story

  • 03 November 16

    Exciting career opportunities at Rapid

    We have a number of new career opportunities available at Rapid, ideal for commercially-minded individuals willing to drive the growth and development of the business in our electronics and education product areas. read the full story

  • 05 October 16

    From your insight, we've improved our site

    Based on what you have been telling us about your online experience at Rapid, we have just released the latest version of our desktop website. read the full story
  • 26 July 16

    James Bates appointed Managing Director of Rapid Electronics

    The new Managing Director of Rapid Electronics, James Bates, feels there are ‘huge opportunities for growth’ at the electronic components distributor.
    read the full story
  • 28 June 16

    Brexit and the electronics industry

    What impact will the result of the EU referendum have on the electronics industry?

    After Britain voted to ‘Leave’ the EU, what changes will be felt by suppliers, distributors and manufacturers?

    One only has to think of the RoHS, WEEE and Reach regulations and anti-counterfeiting measures to appreciate the huge impact the European Union has had on our industry – in a 'Brexit' world, how much continuity will there be? Would these directives remain in force for the UK?

    But will this give our industry more freedom to make its own decisions and develop products without restrictions from the EU? Will it encourage the growth of UK manufacturing?

    A year on from the Referendum and as Brexit negotiations begin in Brussels, the nation is split on the prospects for the UK, and with trade perhaps the biggest issue of all, we are interested to hear your opinions.
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  • 10 June 16

    Fibox enclosures & Rapid - a winning combination

    In a fast evolving, electrical and electronic market, where manufacturers and suppliers come and go, customers need to be able to depend on partners that consistently meet the challenges posed by the demands of new technology. read the full story