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Power LED Modules 9x 1W White and Warm White

<p>A range of LED modules each of which contain 9x 1W LEDs, in either white or various shades of warm white. The LEDs have a very high luminous output and large viewing angle coupled with high efficiency, long operational life and easy installation, making the module suitable for a wide range of applications - especially where a low maintenance installation is required and accessibility is an issue.<br/><br/> Also available is a high efficiency water clear power LED lens unit.</p>
  • Very High luminous flux
  • Super energy efficient
  • Long operational life
  • Easy installation
  • Fast response
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Superior ESD protection
ColourColourLum. fluxIFVFVFPDViewOrder
temp. (K)(lm)max. (A)typ. (V)max. (V)max. (W)anglecode
Warm white25008101.5101227120°55-2616
Warm white30008101.5101227120°55-2614
Warm white40008101.5101227120°55-2618

22 August 2014 Question by: Shay
Q. What diameter is the base cant find it anywhere
A. Hi Shay. Thank you for your question. The diameter is approximately 88mm.

24 June 2013 Question by: Mark
Q. Hi. Can you recommend a heat sink for this product? Thanks
A. Hi Mark. Thank you for your question. We would suggest utilising something like 50-9478 as the heat sink.

26 April 2013 Question by: John | Product code: 55-2618
Q. Hello, 2 Questions 1/ How do you mount item to ceiling. Do you drill holes through the base. 2/ How does the lens cover stay in place .
A. Hi John. Thank you for your question. This is not a finished product. This is a module - a heat sink is required, a lens cover is not supplied. We do however do finished ceiling mount units.

05 April 2013 Question by: Philippe
Q. Please can you suggest a power supply that could power a few (at least 2) of these LEDs, preferably in series? (I'd like to power 5 to 10 of these at a reasonable cost.)
A. Hi Philippe. Thank you for your question. To wire two of these in series will require a 24V supply - a suitable supply would be 85-3081. We would also suggest you use a small value circa 22R 1W resistor in series with each LED module as current limiting and the LED module will also require a heat sink as they will run very hot if on for a long period of time.

04 January 2013 Question by: John | Product code: 55-2616
Q. What is the best driver you can supply for this unit and does this unit need a heatsink?
A. Hi John. Thank you for your question. This unit will require additional heat sinking. The item can be driven by an ordinary power supply ideally at 10V – something like 85-2908 can be used.