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Nabduino Nabto M2M Web Interface Board Connect to Devices Behind Firewalls

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Brand: Nabduino MPN: Nabto prototype board ver1.2
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The Nabduino is a prototyping board that has an embedded Nabto web server. The board has been developed specifically to enable embedded systems developers to try out and learn about the Nabto peer-to-peer protocol and its ability to control embedded systems over a network without the need to configure firewalls or routers. Using a web browser or smartphone the end user will be able to monitor and control the Nabduino board over the internet.

The Nabduino system consists of the prototype board, a central server in the cloud and a software plug-in to be installed in the browser.

  • Connections are encrypted
  • Open source protocols
  • Board based on Microchip PIC18F67J60


26 November 2015 Question by: William | Product code: 73-4612
Q. Additional to the purchase price, are there any other costs incolved, such as hosting fees to Nabto?
A. Hi William, thank you for your question. Other than needing a phone to connect to the unit, no other expenses are required for extras.

07 May 2014 Question by: Alex Wilkinson | Product code: 73-4612
Q. What version of board is this?
A. Hi Alex. Thank you for your question. This board is version 1.2.

16 March 2013 Question by: Chris Robbins | Product code: 73-4612
Q. Is this just the board or is it the boxed item that includes the power supply, as shown on the Nabduino website?
A. Hi Chris. Thank you for your question. This is the boxed version with the board and power supply.

08 March 2013 Question by: Eric Paterson | Product code: 73-4612
Q. Is there a user manual with this product?
A. Hi Eric. Thank you for your question. There are no instructions included in the pack - just a reference to visit Nabduino for more information.


Useful, reliable

Reviewed by: Andy Leitch - 20 June 2015
This board has an Ethernet enabled PIC18 device and Arduino shield footprint. It is not programmed with the Arduino tools though! (You don't want this if you are an Arduino programmer) There is a free mobile app, and an extension to internet explorer to allow you to control the boards I/O remotely from most devices. The connection to the board works from practically anywhere - (after all it is designed to demonstrate NABTO). Just connect to your network, it will get an IP by DHCP. Run the APP. Type in your boards serial number (e.g. and it will connect to it. No need to configure your router! Negatives: It is a bit difficult to work out how to change the layout of the APP to suit your own purposes. It uses JSON queries in an HTML file I think, but there is an example on line. Has non UK power adapter. The NABTO stack uses a lot of the available memory. Not obvious that the host server is provided by NABDUINO, but it is good that you don't need to worry about that. Positives: If you are a Microchip C programmer, it is a useful board with Internet connectivity and Arduino shield compatibility. Also the source code is available to download. Includes 1 NABTO ID, and this is hosted on their server. The operation is very reliable. Plug and play - no need to mess with your router, get fixed IP address, dynDNS or anything like that - so simple.


Reviewed by: Jack Walshe - 26 February 2014
Super little product, more or less worked out of the box, i had to upgrade the firmware but when i did this it worked fine. Areal Gem, just plugged it into the Ethernet socket and i was able to control the board from my smartphone/PC etc from anywhere!! Very impressive, no configurations, firewall settings, port forwarding etc.. super Job, highly recommended.

Works out of the box. Not Arduino code compatible

Reviewed by: Andy Leitch - 14 August 2013
Has the same connector layout as the small Arduino shields, so these can be fitted. Software is downloade-able from the Nabduino website, but is for Microchip MPLAB, not for Arduino. This is perfect for me, but makes it quite difficult for a novice or Arduino user. Works well - I can turn the light on from anywhere without having to do anything more than plug it in to my home network and download the app to my smart phone. Difficult to follow how to update the App software for your own application, so more suited to those who know about writing scripts for browsers. Overall I had fun playing with it, and have learned a lot about ethernet while reading through the sample code.