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LED Flashing Controller IC

The M34 is a low voltage single output LED flashing controller IC that can drive several LEDs simultaneously (max current 25mA). The IC has an in-built RC oscillator circuit, so requires minimum external components.

  • M34-1 has a flash rate of 1Hz
  • M34-2 has a flash rate of 2Hz
  • The device is designed for a 3V DC supply
  • Housed in a TO-92 package

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Question by Martin Wood
11 November 2013

Q I would like to create a flashing 1.8mm LED tail lamp on a model railway truck. I propose to power this with the coin cell type battery, (2 x 1.5v) will this unit work? I am also wishing to create a lvel crossing warning light with 2 alternate flashing LED's, could I also use this component?
A Hi Martin, thanks for your question. This component can be used to make the LEDs flash. We also offer flashing LEDs which have the IC built in to make them flash independently: A 3mm version and 5mm version.

Question by Chris
08 February 2012

Q The data sheet shows this with the LED connected between LED and VDD will it drive an LED between LED and VSS eg can it source as well as sink ?
A Hi Chris, this controller will only Sink current

Question by J | Product code: 82-0030
31 January 2012

Q I need a chip IC similar to this except with a supply voltage of 11-13 V (12 V) Do you have this?
A No, I'm afraid we do not currently stock anything that meets your requirements.

Question by Bob | Product code: 82-0030
17 November 2011

Q I need a chip IC like this one to flash twice per second. Can you help?
A Hi Bob Thanks for your question. Unfortunately we do not have a IC that will work at this rate.