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EL34 Pentode Valve

<p>A high power audio output pentode housed in an international octal 8-pin envelope.</p>

  • Primarily intended for push-pull, ultra-linear applications, where an output of 30W is possible in Class A, or 100W in Class B operation (PA systems)
  • Order code 47-4008 version is widely used in state-of-the-art audio amplifiers and is manufactured for Edicron by JJ
  • Order code 47-4020 version is the latest version from Russia, designed to rival the original Mullard type and is manufactured for Edicron by Electro Harmonix
  • 47-4008 is also available in matched pairs and matched quads

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current1.5A
Anode voltage250V
Grid 2 voltage250V
Grid 3 voltage0V
Anode current100mA
Grid 2 current15mA
Anode load2.0kΩ

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