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Intersil CA3130E MOSFET OP Amplifier

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BiMOS operational amplifier, BiMOS type, single amplifier, 15MHz bandwidth, 30V/us slew rate, 8mV input offset voltage, 320kV/V gain, MOSFET input / CMOS output, 90dB CMRR, 5 to 16V supply voltage, 2.5V to 8V supply voltage, -55 to +125°C, 8-DIP case, suitable for single supply amplifiers, sample-hold amplifiers, timers/monostables, comparators, wideband amplifiers, voltage followers, voltage regulators, peak detectors, full-wave precision rectifiers, photo-diode sensor amplifiers.

DeviceDescriptionManufacturerPackageOrder code
TL061Single low power op-ampSTDIL-882-0036
TL062CPDual low power op-ampTIDIL-882-0038
TL064Quad low power op-ampSTDIL-1482-0040
TL064CDQuad low power op-ampSTSO-882-0892
TL071Single low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-882-0046
TL072Dual low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-882-0050
TL074CNQuad low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-1482-0054
TL081Single low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-882-0062
TL081CDSingle low noise, low distortion op-ampTISO-882-0894
TL082CPDual low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-882-0064
TL082CDDual low noise, low distortion op-ampSTSO-882-0896
TL084Quad low noise, low distortion op-ampTIDIL-1482-0066
LF353N/NOPBDual wide bandwidth op-ampTIDIL-882-0254
LF356Single low noise, wide bandwidth op-ampNSCDIL-882-0256
LF411NSingle high performance op-ampNSCDIL-882-5046
LF412NDual high performance op-ampNSCDIL-1482-5048
LF442NDual low power op-ampNSCDIL-882-5042
LF444CNQuad low power op-ampNSCDIL-1482-5044
AD712JNZDual precision, high speed op-ampAnalog DevicesDIL-882-0455
AD820ANZSingle supply, precision low power op-ampAnalog DevicesDIL-882-0487
AD820ARZSingle supply, rail-to-rail, low pwr, FET-input op-ampAnalog DevicesSO-882-1226
AD822ANZSingle supply, dual precision low pwr op-ampAnalog DevicesDIL-882-0489
AD822ARZSingle supply, dual precision low pwr, FET-input op-ampAnalog DevicesSO-882-1214
CA3130ESingle MOSFET op-ampIntersilDIL-882-0686
CA3140ESingle MOSFET op-amp, 741 replacementIntersilDIL-882-0688
CA3240EZDual MOSFET op-amp, 741 replacementIntersilDIL-882-0693

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