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555 Timer ICs

<P>The <STRONG>555</STRONG> timer is a highly stable controller capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. The <STRONG>556</STRONG> timer combines two 555 timers on a single chip.</P><P>The 555 can be used in countless applications and has three recognised operating modes. In monostable mode the 555 functions as a one-shot or pulse stretcher. Applications include timers, missing pulse detection and bouncefree switches.</P><P>In astable mode the 555 can operate as an oscillator. Applications include LED and lamp flashers, pulse generation, logic clocks, tone generation, security alarms and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).</P><P>In bistable mode the 555 can operate as a flip-flop or changeover. Applications include bouncefree latched switches.</P><P>The <STRONG>ICM7555</STRONG> and <STRONG>ICM7556</STRONG> are improved versions including lower supply current and a wide supply voltage range.</P>

  • Bipolar and CMOS technologies, CMOS offering lower power consumption (1mW typ at VDD=5V)
  • TTL logic compatible
  • Through hole and surface mount
  • Choice of leading brands

DeviceFunctionManufacturerPackageOrder code
NE555NSingle timerTIDIL-882-0336
NE555DSingle timerTISO-882-0338
TS555CDLow power CMOS single timerTISO-882-1050
TLC555CDLinCMOS timerTISO-851-5972
TLC555CPLinCMOS timerTIDIL-882-0342
TLC555IDLinCMOS timerTISO-882-1200
NE555PSingle timer TTL compatibleTIDIL-851-7529
SA555PSingle timer TTL compatibleTIDIL-851-7531
ICM7555IPASingle low power timerIntersilDIL-882-0774
ICM7555IBASingle low power timerIntersilSO-882-0772
TLC556CNDual LinCMOS timerTIDIL-851-7532
NE556DDual timer TTL compatibleTISO-1451-7533
NE556NDual timerTIDIL-1482-0344
TS556CNLow power CMOS dual timerSTDIL-1482-1052
ICM7556IPDDual low power timerIntersilDIL-1482-0776
Question by Mr Chris Marsters
Monday, August 31, 2015

Q Are any of the 555 version you stock not CMOS
A Hi Chris, thank you for your question. The standard bipolar version can be found here.

Question by Ian Simpson | Product code: 82-1200
Monday, April 7, 2014

Q Hi, I am looking for surface mount version of the TLC555CP and both the TLC555CD and the TLC555ID look okay. What is the difference between the CD and ID ?
A Hi Ian. Thank you for your question. The ID is the industrial temperature range device +40 to 85 degrees. The CD is the standard temperature version 0 to 70 degrees. The difference is only the operation temperature range.

Question by Karlson | Product code: 82-0336
Sunday, May 27, 2012

Q Does the 555 timer come with a chip holder which allows me to solder it onto a PCB?
A Thanks for your enquiry. No I'm afraid the chip does not come with a holder, it's sold seperately as product code 22-1720.