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IMO 2A DPCO Subminiature Signal Relays EM2

<p>A range of DPCO signal relays in a DIL package that features a high switching capacity.</p>
  • DIL package
  • High switching capacity
  • Fully sealed for immersion cleaning
  • UL/cUL approved
Switching current max.2A
Switching voltage max.120V DC/240V AC
Switching power max.125VA/60W
Contact rating (res. load)2A 30V DC/1A 125V DC
Coil power200mW
Contact resistance50mΩ
Insulation resistance1000MΩ @ 500V DC
Dielectric strength1500V AC 1 min.
Operate time6ms
Release time4ms
Operating temperature–40°C to +85°C
Mechanical life1 x 108 ops.
Electrical life1 x 105 ops. @ 2A 30V DC
Dimensions20.2 x 11.5 x 10mm

Coil voltage nom.5V DC12V DC24V DC
Coil resistance125Ω720Ω2880Ω
Pickup voltage3.75V DC9V DC18V DC
Dropout voltage0.5V DC1.2V DC2.4V DC
Allow voltage10V DC24V DC48V DC

20 February 2014 Question by: Alf King | Product code: 60-1982
Q. I am thinking of using a 12v DC power supply to power your 60-1982 relays am I right in thinking this is a suitable supply voltage? Also being new to wiring up relays can you give me the correct pin-outs for this unit so I do not connect them incorrectly (I cannot find anything on your website that gives pin-out labeling of these relays)
A. Hi Alf. Thank you for your question. These are 12V relays and the pin our is in the data sheet.

09 December 2013 Question by: Paul Glenister
Q. Do I need a resistor if using a six volt supply
A. Hi Paul. Thank you for your question. The coil will allow up to 8 volts according to the data sheet so you should just get away with this but it may be worth adding a resistor.

27 January 2012 Question by: Steven Teasdale
Q. Hi, Could you tell me if there is a base/socket available for this relay or is it PCB mounted only? Subminiature Signal Relay EM2 Kind Regards Steve
A. Thanks for your enquiry Steven. I'm afraid we do not offer a pcb mount for this unit.

11 December 2011 Question by:
Q. Hi, Are these relays latching? Thanks
A. Thanks for your enquiry Robert - Unfortunately these are not latching relays and we do not offer any that are.