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Vigortronix VTX-146-050-212 Toroidal Transformer 50VA 0-12V


MPN : VTX-146-050-212

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Vigortronix VTX-146-050-212 Toroidal Transformer 50VA 0-12V
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High quality toroidal transformer, 50VA 0-12V, 0-12V, manufactured with twin primary and secondary windings to strict quality control in accordance with EN61558 and EN60950, UL, C-UL and CE.
  • High quality open style toroidal transformer
  • Dual primary 115+115V
  • Dual secondary windings
  • Supplied with mounting kit
  • 100% electrical and flash tested

Mftrs. pt. no.Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentRegulationTemp. riseHeight x ØWeightOrder
(V AC)(2x V AC)(A)(typ. %)(°C)(mm)(Kg)code
VTX-146-015-2062x 1150-61.25162636 x 650.3388-3781
VTX-146-015-2092x 1150-90.83162636 x 650.3388-3782
VTX-146-015-2122x 1150-120.63162636 x 650.3388-3783
VTX-146-015-2152x 1150-150.5162636 x 650.3388-3784
VTX-146-015-2182x 1150-180.42162636 x 650.3388-3785
VTX-146-015-2252x 1150-2588-3786
VTX-146-030-2062x 1150-62.5144032 x 740.4588-3787
VTX-146-030-2092x 1150-91.67144032 x 740.4588-3788
VTX-146-030-2122x 1150-121.25144032 x 740.4588-3789
VTX-146-030-2152x 1150-151144032 x 740.4588-3790
VTX-146-030-2182x 1150-180.83144032 x 740.4588-3791
VTX-146-030-2252x 1150-250.6144032 x 740.4588-3792
VTX-146-050-2062x 1150-64.17144235 x 810.688-3793
VTX-146-050-2092x 1150-92.78144235 x 810.688-3794
VTX-146-050-2122x 1150-122.08144235 x 810.688-3795
VTX-146-050-2152x 1150-151.67144235 x 810.688-3796
VTX-146-050-2182x 1150-181.39144235 x 810.688-3797
VTX-146-050-2252x 1150-251144235 x 810.688-3798
VTX-146-060-2092x 1150-63.33155034 x 850.888-3799
VTX-146-060-2122x 1150-122.5155034 x 850.888-3800
VTX-146-060-2152x 1150-15155034 x 850.888-3801
VTX-146-060-2182x 1150-181.66155034 x 850.888-3802
VTX-146-060-2252x 1150-251.2155034 x 850.888-3803
VTX-146-080-2092x 1150-94.44115039 x 90188-3804
VTX-146-080-2122x 1150-123.33115039 x 90188-3805
VTX-146-080-2152x 1150-152.67115039 x 90188-3806
VTX-146-080-2182x 1150-182.22115039 x 90188-3807
VTX-146-080-2252x 1150-251.6115039 x 90188-3808
VTX-146-080-2552x 1150-550.73115039 x 90188-0027
VTX-146-100-2092x 1150-95.55115345 x 911.188-3809
VTX-146-100-2122x 1150-124.15115345 x 911.188-3810
VTX-146-100-2152x 1150-153.33115345 x 911.188-3811
VTX-146-100-2182x 1150-182.77115345 x 911.188-3812
VTX-146-100-2252x 1150-252115345 x 911.188-3813
VTX-146-100-2552x 1150-55115345 x 911.188-0028
VTX-146-120-2122x 1150-125105545 x 981.3288-3814
VTX-146-120-2152x 1150-154105545 x 981.3288-3815
VTX-146-120-2182x 1150-183.33105545 x 981.3288-3816
VTX-146-120-2252x 1150-252.4105545 x 981.3288-3817
VTX-146-120-2302x 1150-30105545 x 981.3288-3818
VTX-146-120-2552x 1150-551.09105545 x 981.3288-3819
VTX-146-160-2122x 1150-126.6785547 x 1051.688-3820
VTX-146-160-2152x 1150-155.3385547 x 1051.688-3821
VTX-146-160-2182x 1150-184.4485547 x 1051.688-3822
VTX-146-160-2252x 1150-253.285547 x 1051.688-3823
VTX-146-160-2302x 1150-302.6785547 x 1051.688-3824
VTX-146-160-2552x 1150-551.4585547 x 1051.688-3825
VTX-146-225-2122x 1150-129.3876051 x 1102.288-3826
VTX-146-225-2152x 1150-157.576051 x 1102.288-3827
VTX-146-225-2182x 1150-186.376051 x 1102.288-3828
VTX-146-225-2252x 1150-254.576051 x 1102.288-3829
VTX-146-225-2302x 1150-303.7576051 x 1102.288-0029
VTX-146-250-2122x 1150-1210.4276050 x 1192.488-0030
VTX-146-250-2252x 1150-25576050 x 1192.488-0031
VTX-146-250-2302x 1150-304.1676050 x 1192.488-0032
VTX-146-300-2122x 1150-1212.566054 x 1252.7888-3831
VTX-146-300-2152x 1150-151066054 x 1252.7888-3832
VTX-146-300-2182x 1150-188.3366054 x 1252.7888-3833
VTX-146-300-2252x 1150-25666054 x 1252.7888-3834
VTX-146-300-2302x 1150-30566054 x 1252.7888-3835
VTX-146-300-2352x 1150-354.2866054 x 1252.7888-3836
VTX-146-300-2552x 1150-552.7366054 x 1252.7888-3837
VTX-146-500-2252x 1150-251066860 x 1364.388-0033
VTX-146-500-2302x 1150-308.3366860 x 1364.388-3838
VTX-146-500-2352x 1150-357.1466860 x 1364.388-3839
VTX-146-500-2502x 1150-50566860 x 1364.388-3840
VTX-146-500-2552x 1150-554.5566860 x 1364.388-3841
VTX-146-625-2252x 1150-2557071 x 1395.288-0034
VTX-146-625-2402x 1150-407.857071 x 1395.288-3842
VTX-146-625-2452x 1150-456.9557071 x 1395.288-3843
VTX-146-625-2502x 1150-506.2557071 x 1395.288-3844
VTX-146-625-2552x 1150-555.6857071 x 1395.288-3845
VTX-146-800-2252x 1150-2557265 x 1636.388-0035
VTX-146-800-2402x 1150-401057265 x 1636.388-3846
VTX-146-800-2452x 1150-458.8857265 x 1636.388-3847
VTX-146-800-2502x 1150-50857265 x 1636.388-3848
VTX-146-800-2552x 1150-557.2757265 x 1636.388-3849
VTX-146-1000-2252x 1150-2547571 x 1677.4888-0036
VTX-146-1000-2402x 1150-4012.547571 x 1677.4888-3850
VTX-146-1000-2452x 1150-4511.1147571 x 1677.4888-3851
VTX-146-1000-2502x 1150-501047571 x 1677.4888-3852
VTX-146-1000-2552x 1150-559.0947571 x 1677.4888-3853

Question by Bob Fisher | Product code: 88-3795
30 July 2015

Q 88-3795 Hi, my question is in two parts. a) Are all four windings protected from o/load by an internal trip device? b) Is that internal trip self re-setting or not? Thanks Bob
A Hi Bob, thank you for your question. This has an internal thermal fuse that is non resettable. This blows if the core temperature reaches a temperature that would cause a fire. Any other protection such as fuses will need to be added to your design.

Best Toroidal Transformers
Reviewed by: David Church
02 December 2014

Having fully rated specifications, Vigortronix are the best value transformers on the market and, with Rapid's price and service, an unmissable choice.

Super toroid
Reviewed by: Terry Leese
02 June 2014

Being used as part of a audio system DAC linear power supply. Doing exactly what I wanted it to do. Clear information available for wiring set up.

Quality and value
Reviewed by: Tony Thompson
28 April 2014

The transformer is heavily built and therefore a weighty item, always a good sign of quality with a transformer. When compared with other companies, this was excellent value for money. I have not as yet tested the transformer as it is part of an ongoing hi-fi amplifier project but I have every confidence it will prove to work very well.

Excellent value and good service
Reviewed by: H Brunt
15 January 2014

This small and compact toroidal transformer was perfect for my small small guitar amplifier project. It seems to be good quality and very good value and the delivery was rapid and reliable.

Lots of Power
Reviewed by: Ivan
22 July 2013

Lots of power for 1 x 40w Class A amplifier, and silence too. I used 2 of these for making a Copy of the vell known Nelson Pass amp, and 100 Samwha HC 3300uF 50 V capasitors. OH what a power supply.

Fantastic deal
Reviewed by: Ivan Axelsen
26 March 2012

This is realy a special offer, because in Norway I have to pay 105 BPS. fore the same product. so I have allredy bought 2 pices, just in case.

Reviewed by: A. Wright
10 June 2011

These transformers are excellent value for money. I bought one to fix an audio amplifier - 160VA 2x25V - and it worked great. The output voltage was quite stable, if a little higher than specified (around 27-28 volts measured with my true RMS meter). It came with a mounting kit including a nut and bolt (about 5mm diameter with 10mm hexagonal head), two pieces of foam to sandwich the tranny, presumably to damp vibrations, a metal plate to go on top, two normal washers and a springy washer. It came with no instructions but I guessed that you were supposed to put the bolt with a washer through the case, then a piece of foam, then the transformer, another piece of foam, the metal ring, the springy washer and then the nut. That leaves one washer unused, so Ive probably done something wrong but it seems to hold.