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Aim-TTi TSX Series High Power Switch Mode PSUs

<p>This range of high power PSUs are state of the art units that combine high power capability with precise performance and ease of use. Available in a choice of output levels and with either conventional analogue controls or versatile programmable keyboard controls. An innovative hybrid regulator design means that these power supplies are compact and lightweight yet boast unrivalled performance, comparable to that of linear PSUs.</p>
  • Maximum power output 350 or 360W
  • 35V, 10A and 18V, 20A versions
  • Very low noise and excellent transient response
  • Constant voltage and constant current operation with automatic crossover
  • Comprehensive protection including variable OVP trip
  • High setting resolution of 10mV/10mA with coarse and fine controls
  • Front and rear terminals
  • Remote sense terminals
  • High accuracy digital meters with current meter damping
  • Separate voltmeter and ammeter with 12.5mm LED display
  • Silent, fan free operation
  • Keyboard setting of all parameters (TSX1820P/3510P only)
  • Auxiliary display for checking settings prior to execution (TSX1820P/3510P only)
  • Full bus control via RS-232/GPIB (TSX1820P/3510P only)
  • Fully programmable with bus readback of voltage and current (TSX1820P/3510P only)
  • Complies with EN61010-1 and EN61326
  • Aim-TTi PSA1301T
Mftrs. pt. no.TSX1820TSX1820PTSX3510TSX3510P
Order code85-177685-177785-177885-1779
Control interfaceAnalogueDigitalAnalogueDigital
Voltage range0V to +18V0V to +18V0V to +35V0V to +35V
Current range0A to 20A0A to 20A0A to 10A0A to 10A
Protection functionsOvervoltage trip
Regulator overtemperature
Sense miswiring
Status indicationOutput on
Constant voltage mode
Constant current mode
Trip message on display
Output terminals 4mm output terminals at front
Screw terminals for output and sense at rear
Output protectionFull forward and reverse protection via OVP and diode clamp
AC Input110 to 120V AC or 220 to 240V AC 47 to 63Hz
Power requirement600VA
Dimensions L x W x H 350 x 210 x 130mm (half rack width x 3U height)
Weight5kgTSX versions
5.5kgTSX-P versions
Operating temperature+5°C to +40°C @20-80% RH
Storage temperature-40°C to +70°C

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