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Aim-TTi (TTi) High Power Compact Bench Switch Mode PSUs

<p>The <strong>EX series</strong> of switch mode PSUs provide high levels of power at a very affordable price. By combining switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation, performance levels comparable to an all linear design have been achieved.</p>
  • Single, dual and triple output models
  • Power from 175W to 420W
  • Voltage from 18V to150V
  • Compact design takes up minimal bench space
  • Quiet operation
  • Mixed-mode regulation
  • Excellent line and load regulation
  • Low Noise
  • Good transient response
  • High power efficiency
  • Constant voltage and constant current modes with automatic crossover
  • Coarse and fine voltage control
  • Logarithmic current control enabling low currents to be accurately set
  • Separate digital voltmeter and ammeter for each main output
  • Current limit settings are displayed when output switch is off, enabling verification of settings
  • Bright LED display with 14mm high characters and an update rate of four per second
  • All outputs short circuit proof and fully protected against external voltages and reverse currents
  • EX-R models feature remote sensing
  • EX355P model features an RS-232 interface to give a basic programmable PSU
  • Complies with EN61010-1 and EN61326
  • Aim-TTi EX series
Output parameters
Period range100ns to 10s (10MHz to 0.1Hz)
Period jitter<0.1%
Pulse width range50ns to 5s
Pulse width jitter<0.1%
Delay range50ns to 5s
Operation modesRunContinuous generation 0.1Hz to 10MHz
TriggeredDC to 10MHz triggered pulse train
Gated0.1Hz to 10MHz set pulse train
Pulse modesNormal1 pulse/period
Squarewave0.1Hz to 10MHz with mark/space ratio 1:1
Double pulse2nd pulse generated according to delay control
Delayed pulsePulse generated according to delay control
50Ω outputAmplitude0.1–1V or 1–10V switchable
Rise/fall time10ns typ.
Aux output50Ω output at TTL/CMOS level
Sync outputAmplitudePositive going pulse at TTL/CMOS level
TimingLeading edge starts >20ns before output transition
Duration30ns typ.
Complement switchInverts AUX and 50Ω outputs
Gate/trig inputFrequency rangeDC - 10MHz
Signal rangeTTl threshold: max. input ±10V
Min. pulse width>30ns
Input impedance10kΩ typ.
AC Input115 or 230V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions230(L) x 220(W) x 140(H) mm
Operating temperature+5°C to +40°C @20-80% RH
Storage temperature-40°C to +70°C

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