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RVFM Newton's Cradle


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This classic 'executive toy' also demonstrates various physical principles. These include conservation of momentum, conservation of kinetic energy and Newton's observation that 'action and reaction are equal and opposite'.
  • When one of the steel balls is lifted and allowed to fall back at one end, one will swing out the same distance at the other end
  • This causes the beginning of 'perpetual motion' which dies down only as a result of friction, gravity and other external forces
  • Always an interesting process to watch
  • Height 11cm
  • Ball diameter approx. 14mm
  • Weight of each ball approx. 12.5g

Question by dave | Product code: 52-9880
18 February 2014

Q What material is the base made of, is it wood or plastic or ???. Also what material is the supports. Many thanks
A Hi Dave. Thank you for your question. The base is plastic and there is a weight inside the base.