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Moisture Tester Project

<P>Kits of components to build a functional <STRONG>Moisture Tester </STRONG>that can be used to tell if pot plants require water.</P><P>The kits contain all the electronic components required, except the PCBs, which are available separately. This provides the option to buy ready-made PCBs or for students to make their own.</P><P>The moisture tester project has been designed as an introduction for <STRONG>Key Stage 2 &amp; 3</STRONG> students to the use of resistors and transistors in circuits.</P><P><A href="/pdf/70-0030e.pdf"><B>Teachers notes are available to download here</B></A>.</P> <P><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></P>
  • Students start by investigating the care of house plants and the problems associated with incorrect moisture content of soil
  • Downloadable information and activity sheets then guide the students through a series of exercises to build background knowledge in the use of resistors and transistors in circuits
  • For manufacture, the project allows the teacher to select from two alternative methods of circuit construction, either self adhesive copper tape onto card or on a printed circuit board (available separately) see order code 34-0635
  • Upon completion of manufacture students are then guided through an evaluation of their work
  • They also have the option of producing a 3D model using high density polystyrene foam illustrating how they might develop a final product if the design were manufactured commercially
  • Project notes are available for free download and are designed to be photocopied for class use
  • They include both detailed student and teacher notes, which contain suggested lesson plans, mapping to the National Curriculum and a series of structured homework assignments to support the work in class
  • The component kits are supplied in multiples of 5 and include:
  • All components including LEDs, battery clip, resistors and transistors
  • The project can be produced using PCB available or self adhesive copper tape (see PCB products section)
  • Suitable for Key Stages 2 & 3 (ages 7 to 14)
Order codeMftrs Part No.
70-0030KITClass set of 5 kits
70-00402834PCB packs of 5

12 May 2015 Question by: Marian Holland
Q. Do you have any teacher notes/hints on the Rapid Moisture Detector Project please? I would like to attempt this project but am a one person department so would like some help. Thanks,
A. Hi Marian, thank you for your question. The teacher notes can be found here.