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TT Electronics 0.25W 12.7mm Rotary Potentiometers

<p>A range of side adjustable, rotary potentiometers that feature a 12.7mm square body and dust proof construction. These components have a conductive plastic element that provides excellent linearity.</p>
  • Power rating 0.25W
  • Tolerance ±10%
  • Available in Lin or Log versions
  • 12.7mm square body for panel mounting
  • Side adjusting
  • Single gang
  • Metal 9.5mm bushing size and length
  • Slotted metal shaft 6.35mm x 20mm length
  • 68-1194 has a keyed shaft
  • PCB Leads (solder lug leads for 68-1191
  • Dustproof IP50 rating
  • TT Electronics P260P/P261P series
Residual resistance max.
Input voltage max.350V AC
Power rating0.25W
Dielectric strength1500V AC
Insulation resistance min.1000MΩ
Rotational life1,000,000 cycles
Operating temperature range–55°C to +125°C

Order codeValue (Ω)Mftrs. pt. no.
68-1194 (keyed shaft)1KP260P-D1BF3CB1K
68-1178 (PCB leads)10KP260P-D1BS3CB10K
68-1191 (solder lugs)10KP261P-D1BS3CB10K

19 November 2014 Question by: Les Hopwood
Q. How long is the shaft
A. Hi Les. Thank you for your question. The slotted metal shaft is 6.35mm x 20mm length.

27 March 2013 Question by: Herman
Q. Can you get these pots with the click click
A. Hi Hermann. Thank you for your question. Sorry we only offer the version that is switched so these will click on and off but that is it, It sounds like you may want a rotary switch which has clicks for each position.

26 January 2013 Question by: Bob Fowler | Product code: 68-1176
Q. What is the shaft diameter of the 2K5 pot please?
A. Hi Bob. Thank you for your question. The shafts are 6.35mm.