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Rapid NP-9625-209G Regulated PSU Triple Out 0-30V 5V 12V 10A


MPN : NP-9625-209G

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Rapid NP-9625-209G Regulated PSU Triple Out 0-30V 5V 12V 10A

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Buy Regulated PSU Triple Out 0-30V 5V 12V 10A - designed for use in general electronic servicing in the laboratory, workshop and classroom. It can be used in either constant voltage with current limiting or constant current with voltage limiting modes. Features three independent outputs, two fixed voltage and one variable voltage.

  • One 0-30V variable output
  • One 5V 500mA output and one 12V 500mA output
  • Separate digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • Current limiting LED indicator
  • Adjustable current control
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Robust, galvanised steel case
  • Polycarbonate front panel
  • Screw on connector for variable output, snap on connectors for fixed outputs
  • Approved to CE, EN61558, EN55014

Order code85-1706
Input voltage230V AC 50Hz
Output voltage variable0-30V DC
Rated output current10A
Output voltage 15V DC 500mA (max. 1A)
Output voltage 212V DC 500mA (max. 1A)
Ripple and noise5mV
Load regulation30mV
Line regulation10mV
Cooling systemsThermostatically
controlled fan
Dimensions205 x 125 x 280mm

Question by Duncan | Product code: 85-1706
22 May 2013

Q Does the current limit control affect only the 30V output, and what current range does it provide? ie does it have a 0-30v / 0-10A output
A Hi Duncan. Thank you for your question. The current is limitable 0-10a. This has an effect on the 30V output only.

Question by Dave | Product code: 85-1706
20 June 2012

Q You claim "Can be used in either Constant Voltage with Current Limiting or Constant Current with Voltage Limiting Modes, Current Limiting LED Indicator, Adjustable Current Control". The manual gives no mention to the 2 modes. Can you explain how this achieved.
A Thanks for your enquiry Dave. These are options which can be found on the front panel. It offers a 12 or 5v output limited at 500ma or an output that is adjustable to up to 30v DC at 10 amps.

Great PSU
Reviewed by: Dan M
23 March 2013

Stable operation, relatively high current output compared to other PSU's in a similar price range and so far they've proved to be very reliable. I've bought 3 of these over the years and they're in constant use on various projects with no issues. Only downside is the rather noisy mains hum from the very chunky transformer inside but if its being used in an active [read noisy] lab/workshop environment this won't be noticeable.

Reviewed by: Alec Wright
17 December 2011

Nice power supply. The three outputs seem to be isolated from each other and from ground. The panel meters are reasonably accurate. It's linear so contains a big bulky transformer and voltage regulator transistors bolted to a big, forced-air cooled heatsink. I wasn't expecting it to perform to specification and actually provide 10A continuously but it seems fairly stable driving 11.3A into a short circuit. Set it to 13.8V and it's perfect for driving your amateur radio/automotive equipment. The current limit is useful for testing: crank the limit up until something happens. One design flaw with this power supply is that it has a big line frequency transformer in a steel box, which makes it quite loud: a lot of mains hum. The cooling fan generates more noise still but i suppose that's unavoidable in a linear power supply of this spec. It doesnt switch on all the time, there seems to be some sort of thermal control switching it on and off. The constant voltage outputs seem to just be a simple transformer --> bridge rec ---> 78xx linear reg arrangement. I'd recommend this psu if you can put up with the size, mass and noise.

Reviewed by: Peter Green
17 April 2009

Pros: Fairly cheap High current output Cons: very heavy hums annoyingly only one variable output conclusion: if you want a 10A lab PSU on a tight budget and dont care about the noise and wight this may be a good choice but for general lab use I would want something quier and lighter.

v 3.0