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Nichrome Wire

<P>Nickel-chrome wire, commonly referred to as Nichrome or resistance wire.</P><P>Ideal for use in applications requiring a heating element and can also be used for ignition in applications such as fireworks and pyrotechnics.</P>

  • Alloy is 80% Nickel / 20% Chrome
  • Ideal for use with thermocolour sheets, see order code 06-1270
  • Supplied on reels of 10m

Order codeMftrs Part No.
06-1274NC0100-010MNichrome wire 42 SWG
05-053632SWGNichrome wire 32 SWG
Question by kate
08 July 2015

Q Hi, could you tell me how think this wire is. Thanks, im mm would be great!
A Hi Kate, thank you for your question. 42SWG 06-1274 is approximately 0.1mm. 32SWG 05-0536 is approximately 0.27mm.

Question by ray barker
20 March 2013

Q hi im looking for nichrome wire to use in my smoke generators of my radio control vehicle's . cant work out what gauge wire i need the vehicle's run on 7.2 voltage ' hope you can help ,
A Hi Ray. Thank you for your question. Something around the 28 SWG. 05-0525 should be suitable for the application you have mentioned.

Question by Doug Astill | Product code: 06-1274
09 October 2012

Q Is this wire insulated, for example with varnish?
A Hi Doug, thanks for your question. This wire is not insulated, it is used to make heating elements etc. Insulated can be found here:

Question by Jane Ogden-Swift | Product code: 06-1274
12 June 2012

Q Hello Can I fire this to 1300 c without it becoming brittle?
A Hi Jane, thanks for your question. The wire has a melting point of 1400 deg C so would more likely become soft rather than brittle.