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Mega Electronics Jetstar Inkjet Film

JetStar Premium and JetStar Standard are specially formulated inkjet films for the production of artwork photo tools for graphics and PCB production.

  • Special coatings allow dense images to be produced without the ink bleeding
  • Both JetStar Standard and JetStar Premium can be used with dye-based or pigment-based ink
  • For ultimate quality artwork use JetStar Premium which has a superior coating compared to the more economical JetStar Standard
  • Sheet size A4
  • Available in packs of 10 and 100 sheets

Please ensure that your printer is capable of printing on to clear sheets before purchase.

Order codeMftrs Part No.
39-0780100-070Standard 10 pack
39-0782100-071Standard 100 pack
39-0790100-075Premium 10 pack
39-0795100-076Premium 100 pack
Question by Graham Holmes | Product code: 39-0780
27 January 2014

Q Can I confirm that this is a transparency suitable for inkjet use ... not laser? The reason I'm asking is because most acetate sheets are non-absorbent, and the ink rubs clean off! Thx.
A Hi Graham. Thank you for your question. You can use this on an inkjet printer (dull or matt side only) but not on a laser printer. Laser printer version is available on 39-0774.

Question by Barry | Product code: 39-0780
15 July 2013

Q How is image transferred to pcb prior to etching
A Hi Barry. Thank you for your question. This film would be used with a UV lamp - see this video for the full process.