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RVFM 500G TINNED 28 SWG Reel 28 Tinned Copper Wire




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RVFM 500G TINNED 28 SWG Reel 28 Tinned Copper Wire

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Tinned copper wire, 28SWG wire size, 490m length, supplied in reel of 500g.

Health and Safety
Technical Specification

Please Note:

These figures are the carrying currents:
The fusing currents will be higher.

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Question by Richard
05 August 2014

QHi rapid, could this product be used for the stiff wire part of a steady hand game?
AHi Richard. Thank you for your question. This would be suitable for your use. The technical specification tab shows all the sizes available in SWG to mm.

Question by Denise | Product code: 05-0310
09 June 2014

QHi Can you please tell me what SWG wire l would require for you stripboard
AHi Denise. Thank you for your question. You should use wire that is around 22SWG to fit our stripboard.

Question by chuck wearing | Product code: 05-0335
16 September 2013

QCan you tell me roughly what length this would be ?
AHi Chuck. Thank you for your question. There is approximately 780 metres for this reel.

Question by Dave | Product code: 05-0295
05 August 2013

Q14AWG tinned copper.... knowing it's a 500g reel, is there any idea of the length, thanjs
AHi Dave. Thank you for your question. This 14SWG tinned copper wire is approximately 17 metres long.

Question by Stephen Harwood | Product code: 05-0305
29 April 2013

QWhat is the length of the 18swg 500gm reel?
AHi Stephen. Thank you for your question. This 500gm reel of tinned wire is approximately 48m long.

Question by Lydia | Product code: 05-0310
10 December 2012

QHow long is this reel and is it bendable by hand?
AHi Lydia. Thank you for your question. The length is only approximate at 88 Metres – the diameter is 0.9mm and will be easily bendable by hand – depending what is being attempted.

Question by Stephen Harwood
23 April 2012

QIs the wire annealed?
AThanks for your enquiry Stephen. No this is not annealed.

Question by Lindsay | Product code: 05-0300
11 April 2012

QIs this conductor insulated or is there an un-insulated version
AHi Lindsay, thanks for your question. This wire is tinned so is uninsulated.

Question by Dave
07 March 2012

QDoes Tinned Copper wire solder well?
AThanks for your enquiry Dave. Yes this does solder fairly well but it can vary depending on the thickness of the copper and temperature of the iron.


Stained glass attributes
Reviewed by: Eddy Crick Stained Glass Design
24 March 2014

This is a great product for any stained glass maker. Although produced for the electrical trade it is ideal for making loops, edging sun catchers for added strength and many other stained glass related functions. All at a fraction of the cost of similar wire from stained glass suppliers.

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