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Sommer Cable 600-0960LLX Satellite Cable White 17 AWG

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Brand: Sommer Cable  MPN: 600-0960LLX 
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This Sommer Cable 600-0970 SC-ASTRAL-LLX has a patented construction of carbon shielding around the solid wire and insulation, as well as protective polyester foil underneath the outer PVC jacket. This prevents material fatigue and results in consistent damping values for years to come. Conventional SAT-cables usually lose their good damping values during installation and assembly.

The shape of the original round skin PE-insulation becomes elliptical and the solid conductor is no longer cantered, even if it is bent only slightly. Both carbon shields on the SC-ASTRAL-LLX stabilise the solid conductor and the skin PE-insulation. Thus the cable maintains its round shape and electrical values, even after installation.

This type of construction also enables low damping values and a shielding dimension of 120dB, so the SC-ASTRAL-LLX also fulfils the HD-SDI-standard. The cable is suitable for long installation distances on large SAT receiver units.

Application: High-end cable for BK- and digital SAT-equipment, Professional HDTV application.

  • Best transmission quality and excellent damping values
  • Consistent values for decades after installation due to the patented anti-aging construction (LLX)
  • Suitable for analogue and digital applications, HDTV transmission quality / SC-ASTRARL-LLX in compliance with HD-SDI standard
  • Construction: (1.13/5.0) 120 dB
  • Inner conductors: 1x 1.13mm
  • Jacket material: PVC
  • Cable size: AWG 17
  • Copper strand per conductor: Solid copper mm
  • Conductor insulation: Foam/skin-PE 3,0mm
  • Shielding: Copper braiding tin-plated + AL-foil + 2 x semiconductor
  • Shielding factor: 100%
  • Temperature range min: -20°C
  • Temperature range max: 70°C
  • Fire load per m: 0,24kWh
  • Weight per 1m: 55g
  • Matching plug: 1-7040-2100
  • Matching plug: BNC1.2/5.0-T
  • Sold per Metre
  • Supplied in 17AWG options
  • Supplied with White sheath

This cable will be supplied in one continuous length, subject to the maximum reel size. For example, an order for 7 metres of cable will result in a single 7-metre cable being supplied, not 7 one-metre lengths.


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