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Piggyaxe 555 Flasher Kit

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Brand: Piggyaxe  MPN: 555FlasherKit 
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A kit of parts to make a simple and reliable alternating flasher circuit based around possibly the most famous 'chip' of all, the 555 timer.

In this circuit, it is used as an astable (oscillator) and directly drives two LEDs, flashing them alternately.

The kit is quick to build, even by absolute beginners. It provides a quick way to add some electronic interest to a variety of projects, from aliens with flashing eyes through to edge-lit acrylic display stands.

  • Kit contains printed circuit board and standard components
  • See Technical Specification table for list of kit contents
  • Click here to download constructional notes for this kit

Suitable for use as a bicycle light.
Type 555 flasher kit


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06 March 2019 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 70-1051
Q. Hi. Is it possible to vary the frequency with a variable resistor. If so how would I go about it? Thanks, Oliver.
A. Hi Oliver, thank you for your question. Yes the R2 and R3 can be changed to suit the flash rate, so it can be changed to suit. The full data sheet can be found here.

15 November 2018 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 70-1051
Q. Hi I've build a model truck and have 3mm leds fitted,I'm looking for some sort of flasher unit to work 8 bulbs so they flash at the same time like indicates on a car. Many thank
A. Hi Mark, thank you for your question. These can be used 3 LEDs per I.C. Please see the data sheet.

27 May 2016 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 70-1051
Q. Does the light have a usb plug in or a battery adapter
A. Hi Jane, thank you for your question. This requires 4.5V. There is no USB adaptor supplied, please see the details here.


555 Flashing bug kit

Reviewed by: M Hillas-Smith - 19 March 2015
I am trialing this product for a year 7 student future project. The electronic kit is good quality and affordable but the PCB is very small and I am worried whether it will be a little on the small side. My biggest concern is the chip does not have a dent at one end as is suggested in the pdf file to show which way round it goes. This is going to make life difficult in a large class. I think the kit could benefit from a chip holder so if the student does get the chip round the wrong way it can be easily changed.