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Apply the gun and your work is done!

ATG tape

The 3M Scotch® ATG adhesive system is the clean, efficient way to apply pressure sensitive adhesive transfer tape. Using the system’s applicator gun, it is easy to stick a wide range of surfaces to each other with none of the mess involved with manual application, liquid adhesives or aerosol sprays. In fact, you can stick a combination of over 350 different substrates with just a handful of tapes.

The ATG was first developed by Scotch® in the 1970s and has remained the industry-leading adhesive tape solution.

ATG tape can be applied to metal, plastic, foam and paper, with good shear holding power. No preparation is necessary, and the applicators do not produce fumes, vapours or strong odours or leave any residue. Upon application, the gun removes the transfer tape’s liner automatically and rewinds into the applicator. You only use the amount of tape you need. Previously used rolls can be inserted into the applicator, which also provides easy visual identification of the amount of tape inside.

While the ATG system is ideal for craft and textile projects, it can also handle tougher applications, such as automotive, appliances and construction.

As with any Scotch® product, you are working with high quality tape. Acid free and resistant to high temperatures, 3M’s advanced acrylic adhesive bonds on contact. The following tapes included in the ATG system are available from Rapid:

924 – General purpose acrylic transfer tape

Ideal surfaces: paper, cardboard, high surface energy materials,

Properties: low temperature performance, pH neutral

969 – High tack acrylic transfer tape

Ideal surfaces: coated papers, LSE materials, textured materials

926 – High performance acrylic transfer tape

High temperature and increased shear resistance, good adhesion to high and low surface energy substrates like polyethylene

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