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Piggyaxe 08M2 MBD Kit

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Start out your 'systems and control' as you mean to go on with maximum flexibility and functionality using this kit of parts to build the rugged PIGGYAXE 08M2 motherboard.

Build and test the motherboard, then plan your application with these other add-on kits:- Start with the RGB Multi-board which offers at least 13 build options on just one board. If that's not enough, progress to the power-driver equipped Infra-red and analogue to digital daughterboard to control some serious lighting. (Can also be used with the pin-compatible Genie C08 although not all commands are supported by the Genie at this level e.g. servo).

  • Project possibilities using Piggyaxe 08M2 Motherboard and RGB Multi-board, presented in order of increasing complexity
  • RGB LEDs controlled by a push switch, or a movement switch or any closing or opening contact
  • A piezo 'tap-tap / coin-drop' detector
  • A PIR (Passive Infra Red sensor module)
  • RGB LEDs controlled by a thermistor (not linear but possible to calibrate)
  • RGB LEDs controlled by a LDR (not linear but possible to calibrate)
  • PIR can be jointly used with LDR/thermistor e.g. motion sensing active ONLY if dark/hot
  • 0 to 300° potentiometer to select various functions (lights or tune on event)
  • With the option of adding any of the digital triggers to initiate
  • Dallas DS18B20 -50 to +125° Centigrade accurate and linear with any of the digital triggers
  • Option to use 1 LED, 1 servo, 1 audio output controlled by A2D and/or digital/coin-drop
  • Option to use up to 3 servos, controlled by 0 to 300° pot or G sensor
  • With digital input still available for trigger such as PIR or coin-drop or sequential setting
  • Put a 4th LED on the ADC channel – use the middle hole for IC1/VR1, resistor from +V/V-
  • Can be used to send Infra Red commands read from potentiometer, up to 15 (up to 3 LEDs)
  • Kit contains printed circuit board and standard components
  • See Technical Specification table for list of kit contents
  • Click here to download constructional notes for this kit


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