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Mad Catz® MCB434020001/02/1 F.R.E.Q.™ 7 Surround Gaming Headset For PC - White

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Brand: Mad Catz  MPN: MCB434020001/02/1 
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This F.R.E.Q™ 7 surround gaming headset from Mad Catz® offers the ultimate gaming experience! Equipped with first-class 50mm drivers, intuitively placed controls and a detachable noise-cancelling microphone for comfort during longer games, allowing the highest listening pleasure. Transport yourself into the world of your favorite video game!

Intense 7.1 Surround Sound Via to Dolby Headphone Technology
With a simple push of a button the Dolby headphone is activated. Offering 7.1-channel surround sound, your directional hearing is not only improved, but you can also listen to the slightest change in the game environment and benefit from a decisive advantage: you can spot your enemies even before they are aware of your presence.

If your game only supports stereo sound then no problem - Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing mixes stereo content for the surround sound channels, so you clearly are against opponents who play in stereo advantage. And if you just want to listen to music originally recorded in the state, simply switch a button to disable the Dolby headphone, and FREQ 7 plays music from your stereo.

Extra Large 50mm Speakers with Power Compensation and Neodymium Magnets
The audio signals are received in high fidelity (using the highest quality driver: Neodymium technology) via a pair of reinforced 50mm speakers to produce deep bass and crisp highs.

Robust and Lightweight Metal Components
The F.R.E.Q. 5 offers the same high standards as the award-winning Mad Catz RAT, and withstands even the highest stresses in LAN tournaments. The lightweight metal components ensure a comprehensive adjustability for more comfort, while the shells can also be folded flat, allowing the headset to be worn comfortably around the neck - a bonus during long game sessions.

Detachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Illuminated Display Microphone
During periods of non-communication with team members, the microphone can be detached so it is not in the way. Additionally, playing in noisy environments is not a problem as ambient noise can be suppressed by an advanced noise reduction, ensuring your voice is clearly heard. The mute button for the microphone also prevents your teammates hearing information which is not intended for their ears. The red LED at the top of the removable microphone indicates whether the mute is on or off.

Intuitive Controls
Thanks to the intuitive placement of the controls you can adjust the headset and while playing. You can mute the microphone, adjust the volume and switch the equalizer settings, without taking his eyes off the monitor.

Intuitive Software Interface
It can be easily accessed from the Windows taskbar icon next to your clock. Use the included software to quickly switch between the three equaliser settings - gaming, music and language. You can use the Dolby headphone to enable/disable and adjust the volume and microphone gain.

Compatible with MP3 Players and Smartphones
Designed with a handy quick release so you can connect an MP3 player and convert your Mad Catz FREQ 5 into portable headphones. You can also swap a USB cord for the included 3.5mm audio cable straight into your device. Another handy option allows you to make voice calls with a smartphone using the microphone.

  • Enhance your gaming experience - 7.1 surround sound gaming headset!
  • High detailed audio in 3D
  • 50mm speaker drivers for powerful sound
  • Detachable noise-cancelling microphone with illuminated display
  • Robust yet lightweight metal components
  • Compatible with MP3 players and smartphones
  • Connection to PC via USB cable connection to Smartphone/MP3 player via 3.5mm jack cable
  • White colour
  • Manufacturer's part MCB434020001/02/1


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