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Plain Copper-Clad Fibreglass Circuit Board

Plain Copper-Clad Fibreglass Circuit Board

Manufacturer: RVFM

3 reviews5 stars, based on 3 reviews

High quality 305g/m copper clad boards in epoxy glass material.

  • Grade: FR4
  • Plain fibreglass board
  • Single or double sided paper available
  • 35 Micron copper thickness
  • Suitable etchant: ferric chloride solution
  • Thickness: 1.6mm



Question by russell mcwilliams
03 June 2015

Qcan I draw straight onto this with a black permanent marker and then put it straight into an etching tank
AHi Russell, thank you for your question. We would recommend 34-0300.


Great quality pcb material
Reviewed by: Mike
29 August 2014

This material is ideal for prototyping pcbs using a routing machine, we have produced traces down to 0.25mm with easy.

quality copper board
Reviewed by: bob marlow
07 August 2014

use this with great success using the laser toner transfer principle - works fine so will continue to use for prototyping

Double Sided Copper Clad PCB Board
Reviewed by: David off RCQ Comms Ltd
21 April 2014

A top quality Glass Fibre board - Ideally suited for commercial use or the home constructer.

from only 0.73

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